We Invent

Our quest for quality is driven by knowledge, research and advanced technologies — all focused on the opportunity to maximize human happiness and well-being.

At MüV we’re devoted to innovation – to pioneering new standards of quality and consistency in the cannabis marketplace.


Our mission? To research, design, invent, engineer and produce the world’s most advanced cannabis-related line of products. Beyond the development of world-quality products, the MüV team is focused on wellness applications using the potent natural molecules found in the cannabis plant. Since 1992, when the human body’s internal ‘endo-cannabinoid’ system was discovered, researchers have identified more than 80 potentially therapeutic molecules in cannabis. Each of these molecules holds the promise of modifying human physiological processes. At MüV we’re inspired by the goal of advancing health and well-being using safe, simple naturally-derived cannabis compounds.

Well Sourced — Well Made


MüV sources ingredients only from top-rated producers practicing ethical and earth-friendly production.


We work exclusively with the highest quality manufacturers to create our products.


All of our ingredients and all of our products are subject to rigorous in-house science-based quality testing.

The result — outstanding quality, both mind and body can trust. THAT is the MüV commitment.

To learn more about MüV’s science team and our research capabilities, be sure to visit the site of our parent company AltMed. AltMed is a fully integrated science and research based cannabis company bringing pharmaceutical industry precision to the development, production and dispensing of medical cannabis.

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