Vape Pen Replacement Battery and Charger AZ

Battery and USB charger for MuV Prime and MuV Terpene enriched cartridges with universal 510 threading. Battery has easy to use 5 click on and 5 click off push button function that deliver long lasting use between charges. Battery also has a  2 click preheat option to heat your cannabis oil to optimum temperature for vaping. No medicine comes with this product

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Product Description


Product comes with one USB Charger and 1 vape battery. No cutting agents are added to this product.


Muv Prime is the top of the MuV Vape Pen Family for potency and taste and is made using a proprietary ethanol distillate of THC and natural teprenes. Each batch is labelled for potency and product can at 85-90% potency
All Muv Vape Pens are filled under sanitary laminar flow hoods to assure each product is free of contaminants

Vaping Instructions:

The Muv Prime Battery and cartridge are designed specifically for this product for optimum heating, taste , air-flow and reliability.
  1. Screw cartridge snugly into battery to ensure a proper connection. When not using store pen with mouthpiece upright.
  2. Press button on battery 5 times to turn battery on/off
  3. Press button two time to activate “preheat function” and let run for about 10 seconds and press button again to turn off after preheat.
  4. Press and hold button to vape. Slow and steady deep inhalations provide the best vape production.

Caution: Avoid storage in excessive heat ( 90F) to prevent damage to the pen and its contents

Additional Information

Inactive Ingredients


Active Ingredients

500mg THC


1.6 mg of Active Ingredient per 3 second draw


Strains May Vary

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