MÜV G PEN GIO POD – Coconut Crunch

MÜV G Pen Gio Vaporizer cartridges are an easy-to-use pod system. Reintroduced cannabis-derived terpenes create strain-specific effects (Indica: Black Mamba, Coconut Crunch; Sativa: Jack Herer, Clementine; Hybrid: Guava, Sour Tsunami). The zinc-alloy G Pen Gio battery is optimized to give consistent, fast-acting relief in an easy-to-use, draw-activated pod system. To use, insert your G Pen Gio Pod with the sticker facing up to the “G” that lights up, and inhale for 5 seconds. Onset time is less than fifteen minutes, with effects lasting 1-4 hours, depending on tolerance and dosing.

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Additional Information

Inactive Ingredient


Active Ingredient

500mg THC


1.6 mg of Active Ingredient per 3 second draw


Black Mamba, Coconut Crunch, Clementine, Sour Tsunami, Jack Herer, Guava

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